Sack Coat, Gray/Tan Jean Wool, Chest 46″ (JWSC5)



Common working man’s coat of the period. Virtually the same pattern as a well documented private purchase officers sack coat, the form for which was basically copied from this civilian coat. Notched civilian pattern lapel collar on this sturdy gray and tan jean wool sack coat with one exterior breast pocket and two lower exterior pockets. Four button front. (these coarse jean wool products are made specifically to represent the less refined production of the period and minor weaving anomalies, etc should be expected) Our own hand cut and drilled wood dish coat size buttons down the front and smaller dished wood buttons on the sleeve as pictured.  All button holes are hand sewn. Interior is lined in unbleached muslin cotton and has one inseam breast pocket. Sleeves are are also lined in unbleached muslin. Cuffs, which have a two buttons pattern each, as seen on at least two civilian coats we have examined, are fully functional. Marked for southern pre war and wartime maker N.C. Folger of New Orleans, who advertised as dealing in “Ready Made Clothing” and a myriad of other items, he collectively advertised and described as “Plantation Goods”.  It is possible that he utilized slave labor in production. NOTE: These coats are not sized according to modern standardized models which include “vanity inches” in the process. The actual measurement of the chest of this coat at the armpit is 47″. The buttons can be moved to gain 1/2- 1″. This coat has straight side seams with no fitted waist taper – it is a true “sack” coat. The sack coat was generally designed to fit more loosely than the common coat, thus the straight side seam, but many period photos do show them being worn quite tightly. Although our clothing items have found widespread approval – uniforming and outer clothing is not our primary business and until now we have restricted sale of such items to over the counter sales at events and at the shop, where the purchaser has the opportunity to try on the item before purchase. We take no orders for clothing to be made. PLEASE disregard modern sizing models when considering a purchase and instead utilize the actual garment measurements provided in the item description, against the actual measurements you wish the clothing item to fit over, prior to purchase. (please remember other garments you will be wearing this purchased garment over, in addition to body size) If you are unsure please email us with questions.