Ordering Terms and Conditions

Our Display Boxes/Quantity Orders – Our display boxes are not for sale. They are used to display our goods in the field and in our showroom store. Listed products are priced and sold individually, unless otherwise described. Reasonable quantity orders for personal consumption will be filled. Our goods are not intended for marked up resale and we will resist all attempts to do so. Museum entities are respectfully requested to send display inquiries.

Ordering items listed online – Money buys it. The best way to secure an item is to purchase with the buy now feature using your Visa or MasterCard. Working properly, only items still available should allow online purchases. Individual items sold, or stocks completely depleted are automatically removed from customer view. If purchases in the multiples desired are not processed when your cart is updated generally that means that the item is not available in the number requested. Please do not hesitate to inquire if any difficulty is experienced.

If you wish to pay by check, money order or PayPal, I will take your call or e-mail to confirm an item is still available. E-mail is the surest method of quick contact as it is checked several times a day and allows the customer to provide a list of items interested in to be simultaneously communicated. Please understand, there is multiple interest for most items – please respect your fellow collectors. I take check or money order orders, and Paypal payments on a first come first served basis and e-mails are dated and time recorded and received 24 hrs a day. Please include a phone number in your e-mail so we can quickly communicate with you if e-mail access is delayed on your part. We will provide a PayPal address for payment when order is processed if that is your desired payment method. No purchase is guaranteed until payment is received, processed, and or cleared by all banking entities involved. Again, Visa, Mastercard using the buy now feature is the best way to guarantee a purchase and TAKES Inventory PRIORITY. The process may involve delays which cause the item to be purchased online between the time you inquire and it is removed from the site. I have no way of avoiding this. Please, please be understanding of this fact.

I am told I’m a fairly reasonable and charitable guy. If I receive an order from you for items that are already sold I will attempt to contact you for second choices. Please include your phone number with any order. Act quickly – ordering comes in fiercely at first. If you had interest in an item from a past listing please inquire as well. Best of luck!

RETURNS and REFUNDS: I will accept the return for full refund of any artifact item which can be proven to be mis-identified including your shipping if it is received back to me within 7 days of your receipt in the same condition as when shipped. Remember condition on items 150 yrs old is relative to it’s age. Excellent condition does not mean new condition. Otherwise all sales should be considered final. Having said that, if you are unsatisfied with an item, original or reproduction please call, I am in business to make happy customers whenever possible. Our superior Customer Service record and reputation is hard earned and very important to us. We are guided by a very simple philosophy – the Golden Rule. We respectfully request a similar consideration from our customers. We take full responsibility for any reasonable customer dissatisfaction and will do everything within our power to provide a resolved outcome.

CLOTHING RETURNS: We sell all of our clothing and clothing accessories off of the shelf and take no custom or advance orders. Our items represent what was known in the period as Ready Made Clothing. This was clothing made to fit the “average man”. If you are not “average” you will need to make your purchase based on the best fit attainable in those areas which are outside of that parameter.  Any tailoring or further fitting of an item is the responsibility of the purchaser – just as was in the day. If you are exceptionally outside those parameters, we respectfully request that you pursue clothing from a vendor that can and will customize for your clothing needs.  Please pay close attention to the actual measurements of each garment that we provide in the description and completely DISREGARD MODERN SIZING MODELS as they are full of misconceptions and inaccuracies. (coats, vests, and similar garments are NOT listed by size but by the primary garment measurement, ie. “Chest 42”, etc., a sizing chart is available for shirts, etc) If any additional measurement from us is needed to arrive at a purchasing decision, please inquire. Additionally, when obtaining body measurements to discern the proper purchase, please make sure to take measurements over any additional clothing items or accoutrements that will be worn under the garment. It is our experience that self-measuring is a less accurate method as flexing and contorting to do so may provide a somewhat distorted result. THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL SHIPPING CHARGES ASSOCIATED WITH THE RETURN OF ANY CLOTHING ITEMS WHICH HAVE THE GARMENT MEASUREMENTS PROPERLY DESCRIBED ON OUR WEBSITE. WE WILL REFUND THE COST OF A GARMENT UPON RECEIPT, ONLY IF RETURNED AS RECEIVED – UNDAMAGED, UNUSED, AND UNWASHED WITH ORIGINAL INTERIOR PACKAGING. IF WANTING TO EXCHANGE FOR A DIFFERENT SIZE WE CANNOT GUARANTEE AVAILABILITY PRIOR TO RETURN RECEIPT. IF DESIRING SUCH A GUARANTEE WE RESPECTFULLY SUGGEST PURCHASING THE DESIRED SIZE AND RETURNING THE ITEM FOR REFUND INDEPENDENTLY.

PAYMENT – VISA or MASTERCARD, Paypal, Money Order or personalized check to “The Sutler of Fort Scott”

PHOTO – I will post or e-mail additional photos of an item at no cost. A print can be mailed of any item for $2.00

MAIL AND SHIPPING ADDRESS – The Sutler of Fort Scott, 501 N Franklin St., Fort Scott, KS 66701

PHONE – 620-223-1390

E-MAIL ADDRESS – sutleroffortscott@hotmail.com

NOTE CONCERNING SHIPPING: We ship Priority US Mail only for all orders, other than oversized shipments with specific requests. This service comes complete with tracking and insurance included and is the best value for the service for both customer and merchant. Generally we ship on the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday following a purchase being completed, unlessa holiday, or website notice is provided indicating expected delays. Occasionally unforeseen delays may occur, but usually we are able to get items out within 3 business days or less. (not a guarantee) Some circumstance can cause minor delays without website advance notice posted. I will ATTEMPT to accommodate any reasonable deadline. If you need an item by a certain date or for the holidays please clearly indicate.  Please do not wait too long to make your purchases for upcoming events – especially large ones. Our sales and shipping activity is significantly increased around such things and the ability to get goods to you as quickly is diminished. We do NOT take responsibility for items not received by event deadlines which were not ordered in a reasonably timely manner. (the industry standard is 2 weeks plus for processing, etc., prior to shipping) Having said that, as stated in our “Return Policy” we take full responsibility for any reasonable customer dissatisfaction and will do everything within our power to provide a resolved outcome.

NOTE CONCERNING SHIPPING INSURANCE: Packages will be insured at the retail value of the order by the USPO at their pricing, paid at the purchaser’s expense.