Reference Key and Historical Research

For access to general information concerning some of our historical research
on certain artifacts you may download this PDF file
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Reference Key

  • AEC – Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy, Time/Life
  • AEU – Arms and Equipment of the Union, Time/Life
  • ATCG – Antique Tool Collector’s Guide to Value
  • AUHB – Record of Uniform and Historical Buttons, Albert
  • BCW – Battlefield of the Civil War – Davis
  • BIPG – Bottles Identification and price Guide, Polak
  • CCW – Commanders of the Civil War – Davis
  • CWA – Civil War Artifacts – Crouch
  • CWB – Civil War Books, A Priced List, Broadfoot
  • CWCB – Civil War Cookbook – William C. Davis
  • CWCE – Civil War Collectors Encyclopedia, Lord
  • CWMI – Civil War Musical Instruments – Garofalo and Elrod
  • CWPG – Civil War Collectors Price Guide, NS Traders
  • CWR – Illustrated History of Civil War Relics – Sylvia and O’Donnel
  • CWRW – Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns, Harris
  • CWSW – Civil War Sutlers and Their Wares, Lord
  • DCA – Dale Anderson Co Militaria Catalog
  • FMCW – Fighting Men of the Civil War, Davis
  • GCWB – Collectors Guide to Civil War Bottles and Jars, Russel
  • IRGP – India Rubber and Gutta Percha in the Civil War, Woshner
  • MGDM – Military Goods, Dealers, and Makers 1785-1915, Bazelon and McGuinn
  • MPPP – Music for Presidents, Patriots, and Politicians, Lawrence
  • MUI – Metal Uniform Insignia of the Frontier Army 1846-1902, Brinkerhoff
  • OAK – Old American Kitchenware 1725-1925, Lantz
  • SBAC – Item seen in Steamboat Arabia Collection
  • TAS – The American Sword, Peterson
  • TAMS – The American Military Spur, Dorsey
  • TTSL – Tenting Tonight, A Soldier’s Life, Time-Life Series
  • VHHK – Victorian Housewares, Hardware, and Kitchenware, Barlow
  • WWW – Who Wore What? Women’s Wear 1861-1865, Leisch


Others added as needed or repeat contributors. Suggestions welcome. Personal friends in the museum and militaria business are often consulted, along with review of dealer websites for market value research.

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