“Boiled” Pleated Shirt, Rounded Collar, MoP Buttons



A refined white cotton pleated front dress shirt with hand sewn button holes and hand cut genuine shell mother of pearl shirt buttons. We sometimes vary the buttons on this shirt from run to run in order to further our effort in breaking the cookie cutter approach and provide a better and more diverse representation of that which was available in the period. (wide views  may be stock garment photos and have a different button than indicated, button is as shown on close-up of placquard) The mother of pearl button was one of the more common dress shirt buttons of the period.  Ten pleats and gusseted sleeves. Here we offer the collar ends in the rounded pattern per multiple request from customers. (Both rounded and squared are documented in the period) Often called a “boiled” shirt due to the process to get the material bleached bright white. This is the Sunday go to Meetin’ dress shirt of the era and is stamp marked inside for documented wartime maker Jno. W. Lewis Co. an established period New York clothier who also enjoyed some government contracts. Often worn by soldiers and officers when hoping to give a more professional appearance.