Ivory Pocket Diary (C235)



Carried both in the pocket and on the watch chain by men and the chatelaine by women. Employed by soldiers with certain responsibilities to remind them of duties and events of the week. Collapsed, the piece forms a tablet which has a nickeled clasp at one end to keep it securely closed, and is pinned at the other with a somewhat decorative nickeled rivet and washer. The piece fans out from the pin with six “pages” for the days of the week Monday-Saturday. (Sunday was never included in the days of the work week in the day) A pencil and eraser is used on the pages – which can be utilized in perpetuity, eliminating the need for a paper notebook. Of course it is also virtually impervious to moisture. One page has  a small piece of edge missing as pictured and a very small crack – much better than most – virtually in complete, solid condition. Ivory does warp over time and many we have handled were quite wavy. Only a very slight barely noticeable warp here on one page and the diary still closes nice and tightly. A relative rare feature on this piece is an oval frame to paste a photo or identifying disc into. Ready to be personalized or left as is. Will display quite well and still serviceable. (highly documented including Lord’s Vol. III, pg. 94) These are relatively rare in general – more so found this complete – and this is a particularly rare type. Price well below retail.