Red Wool Overshirt



A nice mid-weight coarse weave red wool over-shirt in a standard pattern of the period, very similar to that which was actually subsequently adopted by the Army for issue. The ubiquitous red wool overshirt was seen and documented throughout America for decades in the 19th century, from the classic 49er and frontiersman to the urban dandy artisan. Popular also with soldiers, at least one Federal Militia unit used them in the west, not to mention State Regiments, Fire Departments, civic and fraternal organizations, &tc, &tc. Fold over stand and fall collar, three button front placquard and gusseted sleeves. Nice long skirt, but not made extra long as our gray shirt. Has rounded bottom with slit on side, reminiscent of the late 18th c. work shirts, hunting shirts, &tc, &tc.  (these battle/overshirts were worn loose fitting – such as with the sack coat, etc. Actual garment measurements are as follows: The XXL chest is 51-52″, the XL is 49-50″, and the Large is 47-48″, the Medium is 44-45″) For this run we have used original deep bowl hard rubber buttons, straight off an original button card. Body is machine sewn per originals examined. We had this run made with the addition of a single left breast pocket with button closure.  This is a great winter overshirt which will keep the soldier/citizen nice and cozy over any cotton shirt or undershirt, and, great for sleeping in the colder months! We have also sold this shirt to men who have used it for double duty as an outer battle shirt whilst portraying the several regiments who employed them. This was done with accoutrements worn over the shirt with the skirt out.