Rosewood Pocket Inkwell (C598)



“Standard Grade” rosewood pocket inkwell complete with interior spring-loaded glass vial. (the turned barrel type was considered “High Grade”) This is the ubiquitous soldier/travelers pocket inkwell of the period, patented by S. Silliman in 1852.  Threaded wood cap screws down over the top of the inkwell where a gutta percha piece sealed against the spring-loaded vial. (dry from age, but gutta percha still intact and in place, very often missing) Very fine, virtually unnoticeable drying crack in the side of wood cap. (seen almost universally in surviving examples, often separated, but not here – very sound) Cap screws on easily and tightly – very solid. Overall excellent condition. Getting very difficult to find in complete condition at reasonable prices, often $100+. Highly documented among soldier’s personal effects, should be in every personal item collection or display.